Sep 5th We have improved our Online Client Portal

Our clients can now enjoy more features and full Cpanel integration via the new Cpanel API because we have upgraded our Client / Billing Portal.

Jul 9th Multi PHP versions upgraded. You can select which PHP version you want to use...

Multi PHP versions upgraded. There is no work required on your part but if you want you can now change or select which version you want to use from Cpanel. It is not required but if you need a newer version of PHP for any of your website script, you can do it in Cpanel or contact us and we will do it for you. We really care for our clients.

Jan 17th Comodo SSL Certificates are now free for all our hosting clients

Comodo SSL Certificates (which are compatible with 99.9% web browsers) will be provided for free to all our clients and it will be automatically installed on all our existing and new hosting and reseller accounts.

We really care for our clients.

Thank you!

Jan 17th Customer / Member Portal is now mobile friendly

Now our customer / member portal can easily be accessed on your mobile phones. It will autmatically adjust as per the size of your mobile screen.

Thank you!

Jan 16th PHP upgraded to latest stable version today on all our servers and installed MultiPHP Manager

PHP upgraded to latest stable version today and we also installed MultiPHP Manager which allows you to easily select a suitable PHP version for your account.There is no extra work required by our clients as all their stable PHP software will run successfully with the compatible PHP versions installed on all our servers.We really care for our ... Read More »

Oct 2nd Updated Coupon Code System for our affiliates and partners making it much better and easier.

We have updated our Coupon Code System for our affiliates and partners making it much better and easier. Now you can create your own coupons very easily within the affiliate login area and you can also select where to redirect the referrals after they visit your referral link.

Happy easy earning to all of you!

Sep 21st Announcement: PHP 5.3 is now supported on all our servers

As you know, we always keep our servers up to date so we're happy to announce that all of our servers now support PHP 5.3 (specifically PHP 5.3.8). There are several methods of enabling 5.3 to choose from, for most uses the second method would be best suited.   Method 1: Rename your script from .php to .php53   Method ... Read More »

Jan 2nd Re-installed SSL certificate on our main website

The SSL certificate is reinstalled on our main site ( to fix an error showing certificate as not installed while it was working ok and all connections made to our servers via https were fully secured with 256 bit encryption. This false error is fixed now and the site is now showing the certificate as properly installed and working ... Read More »

Jun 9th Congratulations! Softaculous Premium is now available on all our servers

We have installed Softaculous Premium on all our servers which enables all our users to install many useful free scripts (more than 300 popular scripts) with just a few mouse clicks. This software not only makes installation of many scripts very easy but also updates the installed scripts with just one click. We keep providing our users more ... Read More »

Jun 7th Congratulations! Prices of Hosting Packages Reduced

We are pleased to inform all our users that we have decreased the prices of all our hosting packages up to 35%. This is just to thank our users for trusting HITBIZ INTERNATIONAL for so many years.