Hitbiz International is a group of companies. We are offering services around the globe since 2006 with outstanding reputation. Our companies offer many useful products and services at lower or reasonable rates than the normal market but with the best quality because of our excellent planning and management capabilities. We find the factors responsible for the unnecessary increase of the cost of essential products / services and simply eliminate them. This enables us to provide same or better quality products and services at lower or reasonable prices than our competitors without compromising the quality of the products and services.

No matter if you need web hosting, domain names, website designing, software development, embroidery digitizing, vector art services and / or internet networking, we can offer you high quality solutions at the amazing low prices which you will hardly find with any other quality aware provider like us.

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Our Aim

To promote Information Technology worldwide by providing more options and better services than other companies and web hosts at lower rates without compromising the quality of our services and to make things easier for our clients and customers.

About HitBiz Web Hosting and Domain Division

HitBiz.Net is running most of its servers in its operations / data centers in US and UK to provide the maximum speed a user may require. All our servers have quality hardware with ultra fast connections. We are a registered US based business so our head office is located in US but like many other famous multinational organizations we also have sub offices in other countries like United Kingdom and Canada. The address of our head office is:

We gladly accept and are pleased to have customers from all around the world. We can easily host all types of local, international and non-US domain name extensions and our users can access their sites easily with or without typing "www.". We already have many customers / clients / members / users from following and many other countries: